The Only FIFA Sanctioned Indoor Game!

Futsal is a modified form of soccer, played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor field or surface court. As the only game officially sanctioned by FIFA; the benefits are endless! Futsal specializes in improving footwork, touches on and to the ball, and overall skill development. Futsal is the best way to bond as a team and improve your indoor game for the big field.

Plus, if you’re a fanatic of the game…you can play soccer AND futsal on a different night to keep you and your teammates sharp all season long! You know you’re interested, and want to talk to Greg more about it.

Winter I 6 games Nov 4 – Dec 4 October 7 $350 $50
Winter II 8 games Dec 5 – Feb 5 November 18 $450 $60
Winter III 8 games Feb 6 – April 9 January 13 $450 $60

*Valid membership required for each player in addition to team/free agent fee. Learn more about memberships here.




 Adult Coed Sunday
Men’s Open Sunday

Quite simply, a form of indoor soccer. In fact, it’s the only indoor soccer game sanctioned by FIFA. The game is played on basketball courts with a heavier, smaller soccer ball; this helps improve footwork, ball control and precision passing. The goal? For players to translate these skills to the outdoor game.

Games are played with two teams consisting of 5 players per side, including a goal keeper. However, substitutions are unlimited to keep players fresh and active. The court of play is marked with lines but boards/walls are not used, unlike KEVA’s traditional indoor leagues.

Futsal offers a safe venue to improve your (or your children’s!) game as contact between players is strictly monitored and limited.  The focus of the game is to enhance improvisation, creativity and technique while improving footwork and teamwork in small spaces.



Futsal is the only indoor game officially sanctioned by FIFA and is the #1 developmental training tool decided upon by the heads of FIFA and US Soccer. Futsal still uses the same techniques, knowledge and skill used in the 11 v 11 game, but by reducing the number of players to 5 per team, playing on a smaller court and using a heavier ball, players are thus always involved. A huge emphasis on ball movement and quality touches is both created and honed in this increased paced game.

With the continuous movement, higher scoring, faster speed of play and constant excitement you will see that Futsal is the way to go.