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General Manager/President

Adult and Youth Leagues

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Captain of CSR (Customer Service Relations/Food and Bev)

Volleyball Director (Youth & Adult)

Our People

Kristy Cox

Youth Sports Ringleader

Kristy hails from Richland Center, WI where she grew up on a beef farm.  Growing up on a farm always kept her active outside enjoying numerous activities and sports.  Throughout high school and into college Kristy competed competitively in sports which harnessed a true passion for athletics making the decision to pursue a career in the sports and recreation field an easy one.  Post college graduation, Kristy moved up to Minneapolis, MN where she worked in the recreation, health and wellness industry for numerous years serving a variety of populations from youth, teens to adults.  Though she enjoyed living in Minneapolis, when the opportunity came to move back to the fabulous Badger and Packer state she happily accepted the opportunity and is excited to be in the Youth Sports Director role at KEVA.  You can find Kristy at KEVA with a smile on her face, enjoying her job delivering youth programs with a focus on skill development and helping others grow a passion for sports.  Outside of KEVA you can find Kristy enjoying any type of sport or activity indoors and outdoors with her husband Brian, dog Baxter, friends and family.

Annie Kraemer

Customer Relations and HR Manager

Four score and seven years ago, Annie Kraemer hadn’t been born yet, but everyone felt her presence coming. Annie tends to blast her way into most situations and activities, earning her the nickname Mack Truck. This intense and spirited personality has helped her turn her front desk staff into the lean, mean*, customer service machine that it is. *(front desk staff not actually mean and is, in fact, extremely nice) Annie also takes care of any HR issues and some would go as far as to say she is the HR Czar. Along with wrangling the front desk staff and any HR issues, Annie spends her time playing as many sports as she can fit into her schedule and taking care of her puppy, Gouda. One day, she hopes to rule KEVA with an iron fist, but until then she will bide her time thinking of new ways to enhance the KEVA experience for everyone.

Tracy Kruzicki

General Manager/ President

Tracy has been with KEVA since the beginning and knows many members by name. She began her career at KEVA by developing the My First Sports and Athletic Kids youth programs in her first ten years with the company.  Some of her first students are now coming back from college to say “hi.” She secretly hopes one of her students signs a professional athletic contract and appears on her doorstep with the 10% finders fee.

Currently Tracy is in charge of Overall Facility Operations as President of the company.  Tracy hails from Burlington, Wisconsin (as most famous people do-Tony Romo) and has a degree in Child Psychology from UW-Madison. When she’s not hanging with your kids or families at KEVA, she’s cooking, camping and chilling with her family and friends.

Greg Wilcox

Adult League Administrator

We’ve tried to get Greg Wilcox to stop smiling all the time because, frankly, it seems a little unnatural. But the fact of the matter is he enjoys his job and working with KEVA members.  On another happy note Greg and his wife, Cassie just welcomed their first child into their family this past summer.  KEVA is thrilled to have Greg serve as League Wrangler because he brings deep knowledge about sports management to us, as he is a graduate of UW-La Crosse’s Sports Management Department.

David O’Keefe

Vice President of Fun and Sales

David M. O’Keefe, VP of Sales and Fun is a Madison native, born on Willy Street and grew up on the west side. He moved to Colorado right after High school to become a ski bum and go to college at University of Colorado, Western State studying organization communication and theater.  David now again lives and loves the Madison area and has worked with WMAD92.1, Tiziani Golf Cars, Charter Media, and now KEVA Sports Center. He has also helped organize and run events like Kites on Ice, Hot Air Balloon Rallys, Concerts, ESPN Great Outdoor Games, YAMAHA’s Presidents Cup Golf tournament, and so much more. David is a member of the Middleton Optimists Club, Sharpshooters Soccer Club. Hope is not a business plan.

Ryan Brotherton

Captain of CSR (Customer Service Relations)

Ryan is a bit of a world traveler and most recently has migrated with his wife and son to the good old state of Wisconsin from Austin Texas. Ryan grew up in South Korea, has visited eight countries, and has lived in four states. Ryan enjoys hanging out with family, attending all major sporting events traveling and camping. Please help us welcome him to KEVA where he will be managing the KEVA Sidelines (indoor food and bev area) and in the summer the KEVA Sandbar as well as assisting with facility programs. He has a great deal of experience he brings to our team.