Our People

    Tracy Kruzicki

    General Manager/ President

    Tracy has been with KEVA since the beginning and knows many members by name. She began her career at KEVA by developing the My First Sports and Athletic Kids youth programs in her first ten years with the company.  Some of her first students are now coming back from college to say “hi.” She secretly hopes one of her students signs a professional athletic contract and appears on her doorstep with the 10% finders fee.

    Currently Tracy is in charge of Overall Facility Operations as President of the company.  Tracy hails from Burlington, Wisconsin (as most famous people do-Tony Romo) and has a degree in Child Psychology from UW-Madison. When she’s not hanging with your kids or families at KEVA, she’s cooking, camping and chilling with her family and friends.

    Annie Kraemer

    Customer Relations and HR Manager

    Four score and seven years ago, Annie Kraemer hadn’t been born yet, but everyone felt her presence coming. Annie tends to blast her way into most situations and activities, earning her the nickname Mack Truck. This intense and spirited personality has helped her turn her front desk staff into the lean, mean*, customer service machine that it is. *(front desk staff not actually mean and is, in fact, extremely nice) Annie also takes care of any HR issues and some would go as far as to say she is the HR Czar. Along with wrangling the front desk staff and any HR issues, Annie spends her time playing as many sports as she can fit into her schedule and taking care of her puppy, Gouda. One day, she hopes to rule KEVA with an iron fist, but until then she will bide her time thinking of new ways to enhance the KEVA experience for everyone.

    Jennifer Kratochwill

    Business Development and Membership Manager

    Born and raised in Madison, she is a big Badger fan! She is married and the mother of 3, which you find out quickly in talking to her that they are her pride and joy.  She played soccer growing up and through college and started coaching when her boys became interested in the sport in Kindergarten. She played at KEVA in our Mom’s league until a few years ago. Now she spends her time hanging out with her kids, 2 puppies ( Fenway & Jett), traveling, playing tennis, working out, cheering on the Red Sox, wine time with her girlfriends and just enjoying time with family. Life is short. She is all about making the most of every moment.

    Ellen Jones

    League Manager

    Ellen is a new resident of the state of Wisconsin- born and raised in the Twin Cities. She attended the University of Minnesota, (go Gophers) for four years and graduated with a B.S in Sport Management. When she is not at work, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, traveling, drinking wine, going up north to her cabin, and hitting the gym. Ellen has been active her whole life- being involved with gymnastics and cheerleading for the past 19 years. She loves upbeat energy and watching kids grow a passion for sports.

    Trevor Moores

    Assistant Youth Sports Manager / KVA Manager

    Trevor was born in Champaign Illinois and then moved around the Midwest for a few years before making it back to Champaign. Trevor is an active participant in sports all throughout his childhood and in high school
    (football, lacrosse, and basketball). Trevor stayed in IL and pursued his degree in Recreation Sports & Tourism Management at the University of Illinois. During his time at the U of I, he participated in many rec league teams, and there discovered his favorite sport in volleyball. Trevor played on the club volleyball team for two years and then went on to coach volleyball teams and camps within the local Park District. Trevor moved to Madison in August of 2018 and is an unapologetically huge Ohio State fan and loves talking about them to anyone. Sports are by far his favorite thing so please feel free to come up to him and start talking about any and every sport!

    Kasey Kuchar

    Assistant Youth Sports Manager

    Kaesy was born and raised in DeForest and started working with kids at Wishing Well Preschool his junior year of high school which lead him down the path of becoming the local-legend known as THE Mr. Kasey.  Kasey is an ultimate frisbee enthusiast and has spent the last four years coaching the DeForest High School Ultimate Frisbee team along with a summer adult recreational team.

    Working at a sports center it is no surprise that Kasey loves the NBA  and NFL and is a huge fan of the Packers, Colts, and Bucks.  He dreams of the day when the Packers meet the Colts in the Superbowl.
    A couple fun facts about Kasey: He knows every song from ‘Frozen’ (on purpose!) and is working to conquer the fast part from the Maui song in Moana down.