Our People

    Tracy Kruzicki

    General Manager/ President

    Tracy has been with KEVA since the beginning and knows many members by name. She began her career at KEVA by developing the My First Sports and Athletic Kids youth programs in her first ten years with the company.  Some of her first students are now coming back from college to say “hi.” She secretly hopes one of her students signs a professional athletic contract and appears on her doorstep with the 10% finders fee.

    Currently Tracy is in charge of Overall Facility Operations as President of the company.  Tracy hails from Burlington, Wisconsin (as most famous people do-Tony Romo) and has a degree in Child Psychology from UW-Madison. When she’s not hanging with your kids or families at KEVA, she’s cooking, camping and chilling with her family and friends.

    Danny Krall

    Soccer Manager (youth and adult)

    Danny Krall grew up playing soccer, lacrosse, and hockey in the Madison area.  He is married and has two daughters Emery and Ada!  Danny is a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan and loves to travel around the world.  Sports and music are his two biggest passions!  His favorite bands include The Beatles, Pink Floyd, CCR, and Jimi Hendrix.  Danny graduated from Madison College with a degree in Recreation Management and a certificate in Fitness and Wellness.


    Garry Mason

    Youth Sports Director

    We are very excited to welcome Garry back to our KEVA family.  From the Motor City to the Badger state and many points in between Garry is an avid Badger’s, Brewer’s and Lion’s fan, yes we all have our flaws.  When not traveling to see his favorite teams play, his goal is to watch the Brewers play in every MLB stadium, Garry enjoys going on adventures with his better half and their pup.  With a B.A. in Sports Studies and an M.A. in Business Administration, Garry has had a role in Youth sports for over 15 years and enjoys passing on his enthusiasm and love for all sports to everyone he coaches.

    “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

    Annie Kraemer

    Director of Operations and HR

    Four score and seven years ago, Annie Kraemer hadn’t been born yet, but everyone felt her presence coming. Annie tends to blast her way into most situations and activities, earning her the nickname Mack Truck. This intense and spirited personality has helped her turn her front desk staff into the lean, mean*, customer service machine that it is. *(front desk staff not actually mean and is, in fact, extremely nice) Annie also takes care of any HR issues and some would go as far as to say she is the HR Czar. Along with wrangling the front desk staff and any HR issues, Annie spends her time playing as many sports as she can fit into her schedule and taking care of her two cats and two dogs.  One day, she hopes to rule KEVA with an iron fist, but until then she will bide her time thinking of new ways to enhance the KEVA experience for everyone.

    Ryan Hendricks

    Food and Beverage Manager

    Ryan was born and raised in the Madison area and has played soccer at Keva for over 10 years. He enjoys playing all sports but his favorites include soccer, tennis, and ultimate frisbee. When Ryan is not playing sports or working at Keva, he is often found playing strategy games with friends and family or taking on new hobbies. A man of logic and reason, he is balanced out by his fun-loving wife Emily.

    Prior to Keva, Ryan managed inventory for a well-known retail company. He is loyal and determined to a fault and will not stop until both himself and Keva are the best they can be.

    Christian Oliver

    Assistant Sports Director

    Christian joins our KEVA team as a new face in Madison! Originally from La Crosse, WI., Christian and his girlfriend moved here together at the end of 2020 and have been living here for almost a year now. Christian loves all things sports! Sports have always played such a big role in his life, and he hopes to provide kids with a similar experience he had with sports growing up. Christian is currently studying at Madison College, with hopes to transfer to a four-year university studying business. In his spare time, Christian really enjoys playing guitar & hanging out with his cats, Tate and Karma. At the end of the day, Christian’s primary goals include having fun, playing safe, and making sure kids get to use up all their energy!

    Amanda Moon

    Front Desk Manager

    Amanda was born and raised in the Madison area (Sun Prairie). She is still adjusting to being on rival turf (SP CARDS are still cooler) and participated in Track and Field as well as Gymnastic.  Amanda attended UW Whitewater and has a BS in Sociology with an emphasis in criminal justice. A Wisconsin sports enthusiast and a tailgating connoisseur, haven’t found a sport yet she couldn’t successfully tailgate at 🙂 Family and friends are everything to her, along with cheese and she is a fan of sarcasm.  She has furry animals that are like her children and believes in adaption and supporting rescues.  She was serviced customers from all over the world and had coworkers from a variety of cultures.


    Matt Huntley

    Assistant Youth Sports Director

    Please help us welcome Matt Huntley our newest team member!  Matt joins us from North East, Pennsylvania where he graduated from Pennsylvania Western University – Edinboro in 2023, with a B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management.  After spending a summer in Milwaukee, Matt and his girlfriend Maggie along with their dog Gus moved to Madison.
    Matt loves the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals, and now a Wisconsin Badgers fan.
    Other hobbies include playing  video games, watching movies, attending any sporting event, and traveling!
    “I enjoy being part of youth sports because it teaches them numerous life skills, gets them active, and could start a great athletic career for their future.”
    We are excited for Matt to start his career at KEVA.

    Nathaniel Corkery

    Court Manager

    Joining our team this Fall is Nathaniel.  Raised in Madison, Nathaniel has always had a love for sports and grew up playing basketball and other sports. He is a die hard Wisconsin sports fan, cheering on the Badgers, Packers, and Bucks. When he’s not watching a game, Nate can be found playing games, exploring with his dog, Roxy, or finding the latest sneakers to add to his collection.
    Nate has a passion for connecting with and helping others as he has in years of work centered around mental health. He is ecstatic to be entering a profession where he can combine both passions and join the community of Keva Sports.  Please help us welcome Nathaniel to his first year at KEVA.