Staff: Kasey Kuchar

Assistant Youth Sports Manager

Kaesy was born and raised in DeForest and started working with kids at Wishing Well Preschool his junior year of high school which lead him down the path of becoming the local-legend known as THE Mr. Kasey.  Kasey is an ultimate frisbee enthusiast and has spent the last four years coaching the DeForest High School Ultimate Frisbee team along with a summer adult recreational team.

Working at a sports center it is no surprise that Kasey loves the NBA  and NFL and is a huge fan of the Packers, Colts, and Bucks.  He dreams of the day when the Packers meet the Colts in the Superbowl.
A couple fun facts about Kasey: He knows every song from ‘Frozen’ (on purpose!) and is working to conquer the fast part from the Maui song in Moana down.