Staff: Katie McKenna

Events Coordinator

Katie comes from the uncontested Greatest State of All Time*, Illinois. She joined KEVA six years ago when she worked Front Desk and Food and Beverage as a part-time second job, but recently, claimed a full-time desk and just hasn’t left. Katie’s passions include watching Jeopardy, riding one of her many Trek bikes, daily Wordle domination, reading, her dog Champion, and telling anyone who’ll listen (so far not many stick around the whole rant) on how the Gateway Arch being considered a National Park is absolutely criminal. She has an MA in Library and Information Sciences from UW Madison (Go Badgers!), as well as extensive experience in a variety of customer service settings. Katie is dedicated to optimizing the operational efficiency of KEVA, which in return, will provide the best experience for every KEVA member. Katie has an eye for detail and is having a blast working on providing the best experience possible for events.

*Katie refused to provide a source for this statement and we had to stop her before she used the company credit card to make a website supporting her claim.