If you don't want to take our word for it, take theirs instead!

Youth Classes and Birthdays

Jamie M- ” I think Coach Jorie is one of the better coaches I’ve had at Keva.  I think she’s doing an amazing job. She engages very well with all of the kids and with the parents.   She does a great job explaining things at their developmental level as well.”

Birthday Mom- “I would like to praise and give an excellent recommendation to Grace.  She interacts with kids and coaches.  She stops the time to allow subs to happen.  She acts as if she enjoys being a part of the game.  She communicates with everyone involved. ”

Jim M– ” We wanted to send you a quick note to simply say THANK YOU for all your efforts to make Preston and Lucas’ birthday special!
Amy did an outstanding job with the kids and they are still talking about how much fun they had.  Please pass along our thanks to Amy and your entire staff who made the day great.”

Birthday Mom– “Coach Heidi did a great job…very athletic, competitive boys who sometimes like to win too much. :).”

John U. -“My son attended a birthday party this past weekend at Keva.  The report was that it was the best birthday party he has attended.  I loved the fact that he was exhausted when he came home!”

Diana-“ My son spent 4 hrs on a first Parents Night Out and he had a blast. He plays soccer at Keva and we have him signed up for camps when there is no school and he loves it every time. We keep signing up for more. Thank you to Anthony. He was great.”

Kari N-“I wanted to email and say our Friday afternoon session with Jorie was fantastic! We completed our “Fair Play” badge for Girl Scouts and the girls had a super time! Jorie was patient with the girls and organized so games ran extremely smooth! Wow! What a great experience for our girls! Thank you on behalf of our Girl Scout troop!”

Shawna- “Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we and our son, Dane, enjoy Coach Amy on Saturday mornings.  She is a enthusiastic person and so approachable by the kids.”

Bri-“Paxton is really enjoying camp this summer, thank you for providing such a great place full of fun for all of the kids.”

Gina– ” I just wanted to let you know how great your coaches were. Carmyne loved them, He had a great time. He especially liked Mitch and Matt. Its very important to have good coaches since they are with them all day and that’s exactly what your staff has done. Thank you for a great summer.”

Youth & Adult Leagues

Anthony-” The kids will enjoy the extra game. I appreciate the special attention you have to me and the little rascals. I will be sure to communicate  to the team how nice it is to work with Keva ”

Marianne– “Long overdue thanks to you for working around the schedules of our Sauk Prairie Eagles U14 team.
 We appreciate your time planning around all of the different schedules.”
Aji -“Greg thank you for your wonderful organization and help throughout the winter.”
Kelsey- “Thanks Greg! As usual, you pull through and do a fantastic job! Also, I have to say, as of late, the reffing has been spectacular.  Everyone seems to be doing a great job.”

Bob – “Greg, thank you for your help with this matter. I applaud the professionalism and firmness of your actions. I especially appreciate the attention given.Well done and thank you again for all you do in making KEVA a great place for soccer.”



Monica–  “I forgot to give feedback on the Easter Egg event and especially to point out that Anthony was extremely helpful and great at customer service.  He was present and easily found during the event.  He also setup a table with water pitchers. He played the role of facilitator later in the event with showing parents how to pull ids on the scooters with the hula hoops and the caterpillar scooter.”
Laura- ” I want to let you know, Kayla did a fantastic job yesterday for us!  She always had a smile and handled all of our last minute/questions concerns quickly and efficiently.  Thanks again for the fantastic job and helping have a very successful event!”
Rebecca “I reached out to our partners at Keva Sports Center to host the lunch and David enthusiastically agreed!  Sam and Ryan (who are rock stars that make our Muscle Team event run flawlessly) did an amazing job of serving our guests and making them feel at home. “


Thank you for everything!

Brenda “I wanted to say thank you for everything, Megan really enjoyed the session.  She really improved her skills and has now decided to try out for high school volleyball next year.  Thank you you certainly made a difference.”

Jennifer “Thank you again for everything you did to make Parker’s birthday a party a GIANT success. All of the kids had an amazing time. I know they can be a handful and you managed them wonderfully. Not to mention all the help with food etc. It was definitely worth every penny and you are so great”.

Beth “I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really appreciate how well-run your program is.   You and your staff do an excellent job!”

Carrie “Beckett seems to really like this class, I’m glad we decided to sign up at the last minute! I like that the class is not overly structured and allows for the kiddos to explore on their own and just go as far with things as they are comfortable with.  We will definitely be signing up for this class again when this session ends. ”