Youth Classes


KEVA’s innovative ‘My First Sports’ program offers a host of sport specific (soccer, basketball, t-ball, flag football) or multi-sport classes for your 18 month to 6 year old child. Our professional staff will teach your child age-appropriate skills and then motivate them to try new things.  We work on cooperation and sharing – two qualities that will help your child succeed on and off the field. And what’s equally important – this is a great time for the little ones to burn lots of energy!

Thousands of children have graduated from KEVA’s ‘My First Sports’ program. If you are new to KEVA and want to check out our classes before you sign up, just let us know. We offer a free class trial to new members and pro-rate if you want to join mid session.

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KEVA offers nine week instructional classes in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and flag football for ages 7-14. Your child will have a great time learning sports they are interested in, while making new friends and gaining self-esteem through athletic game play. This is the first step in learning the core skills, rules, and team tactics for each sport. Classes focus on both skill work and game play each week.

Advanced classes are available for the experienced player. All classes are co-ed and 50 minutes long, with the exception of volleyball which lasts 80 minutes.

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2-3 Year Old Multi-sport Monday August 26th at 10:00
3-4 Year Old Multi-Sport Tuesday August 27th at 10:00
3-4 and 5-6 Year Old Soccer Wednesday August 28th at 10:00


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Fall Sept 2-Nov 2 Aug 6
Winter I Nov 4-Jan 25, 2020 Oct 8

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Multi-Sport Our adult/child classes focused on fun, exercise, and socialization in a setting that includes 3 sports each week (ages 4 & 5 – two sports) Additionally, every week includes parachute play and stamps and coloring sheets!No adult participation is required for the 4-5 year old classes.  18-24 months  –  30 minutes
2-3 years  –  40 minutes
3-4 years  –  45 minutes
4-5 years  –  50 minutes (no adult needed)
Team Time Soccer Basketball Flag Football Pick a sport and attend a nine-week session which includes both skill work and small sided game play at every class. Beginner and advanced classes available, classes vary by session and time of year.  3-4 years  –  45 minutes
5-6 years  –  50 minutes
7-9 years  –  50 minutes
 Volleyball (KVA – KEVA Volleyball Academy) Volleyball specific for those looking to hone their craft, classes are available at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced level.Focus on skill work and game play each week Grades 2nd-8th 80 minutes (4-8th grade) 50 minutes (2-3rd grade)
Homeschool Gym Class Each week, a KEVA coach leads a new sport for those children that are homeschooled! Class runs on a different date schedule than the standard session, ask for more information.  Ages 4-12- 50 Minutes