If you don't want to take our word for it; take all theirs!

Anthony-” The kids will enjoy the extra game. I appreciate the special attention you have to me and the little rascals. I will be sure to communicate  to the team how nice it is to work with Keva ”

Marianne– “Long overdue thanks to you for working around the schedules of our Sauk Prairie Eagles U14 team.
 We appreciate your time planning around all of the different schedules.”
Aji -“Greg thank you for your wonderful organization and help throughout the winter.”
Kelsey- “Thanks Greg! As usual, you pull through and do a fantastic job! Also, I have to say, as of late, the reffing has been spectacular.  Everyone seems to be doing a great job.”

Bob – “Greg, thank you for your help with this matter. I applaud the professionalism and firmness of your actions. I especially appreciate the attention given.Well done and thank you again for all you do in making KEVA a great place for soccer.”