Ball/Equipment Policy

Ball Policy- 12/1/2018

All items brought into the facility are done so at your own risk.

All of our programs are provided with all equipment needed. We have balls available to borrow for open play simply by trading your identification or some other acceptable piece of collateral for the ball.

If you do decide to bring your own balls or equipment into the facility, please be aware that KEVA is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment. We recommend that you put your full name and phone number on any personal equipment you bring into the facility. If we find lost equipment, we will attempt to call you if there is a number provided.

If a ball is stuck in the ceiling or on top of the drop ceilings at the front of the facility, we will be unable to retrieve the balls. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns retrieving balls in these locations is not possible. We recommend that ball play is limited to courts and fields only, as ball play is not allowed in the common areas.