Game Play for Middle AND High Schoolers!



Spring Youth VB Leagues

Our state-of-the-art suspended hardwood courts and award-winning facility is a great venue for your middle or high schooler to hone his or her volleyball skills while also spending time with friends (and making new friendships too!).  KEVA offers middle school indoor and high school indoor volleyball leagues in the winter.  Memberships are required for all players.

Spring HS Indoor March 3rd – May 12th Fridays 5pm – 9:30pm March 6th $340 $395 $75
Spring HS Advanced Indoor March 3rd – May 12th Fridays 5pm – 9:30pm March 6th $340 $395 $75
Spring MS Indoor March 3rd – May 12th Fridays 5pm – 9pm March 6th $340 $395 $75


Spring Season Schedule:

  • 3/3 + 3/10 (Practice days, get to know your team!)
  • 5/5 + 5/12 Season Ending Tournament (all teams guaranteed at least 2 tournament games)


Don’t have a full team? Interested in playing as an individual or as a small group of friends? Join one of KEVA’s in-house teams! Learn all about it.

Want to join? Just have a few questions? Ethan’s got you covered.

Registration can be done online if you have an account with us through Daysmart, or over the phone! Give us a call at 608-662-7529.

High School Indoor

Team Rosters: All rosters are Co-Ed. All female teams will be allowed. A maximum of 3 boys on the court at one time will be allowed per team (no maximum number of females). All boys teams are not allowed.

Description of Play: Designed for the experienced player who understands the game of volleyball and the basic rules. Our league is refereed by individuals who believe in fostering the skills of young players in a recreational setting.


*Matches will be played on a women’s height net*

High School Advanced Indoor

Team Rosters: There are no gender rules/requirements for teams in the HS advanced sand league. Open to all genders. All boys teams are allowed.

Description of Play: The advanced indoor league is designed for more experienced players with a deeper understanding of the game. 3 touch play will be more consistent across teams. Serves and attacks will be of greater intensity. Blocking will be more common than in the rec league. 


*Matches will be played on a men’s height net*

Middle School Indoor

Team Rosters:  All rosters must be Co-Ed, all female teams will be allowed, with a maximum of 3 boys on the court at one time (no maximum number of females).  All boys teams are not allowed.

Description of Play: Designed for players with experience and those who are new to the game. Our referees don’t call foot faults in the Middle School league, players are allowed to serve from closer than the end line. If a player serves 5 points in a row, their team will rotate to the next server. The league is great for developing and building on volleyball game-skills.


*Matches will be played on a women’s height net*



Does your child have prior volleyball experience? Looking for something with skill building and competitive play each week?

KEVA Volleyball Academy also offers SQUAD. Squad is open to players that have participated in two league or KVA class sessions, or have a year of competitive volleyball experience (have attended one of KVA’s volleyball classes and gotten the okay from their coach, or have had outside experiences in developing skills and game play).

When registering you are more than welcome to request a specific practice time, but it is a first come, first served basis.

Practice Times: Mondays 4:30-6:20 OR 6:30-8:20 

Games will be played on Fridays 5:00pm-9:00pm after the first two weeks of practice.  All games are held at KEVA Sports center.


Memberships required for participants.


Squad FAQ

Program  Age Early Bird Deadline Early Bird Pricing After Deadline Pricing 

Feb 27th – May 5th

Practice: Mondays 4:30 or 6:30

Games: Fridays times range
5pm-9pm (1 hour each Friday)

Practice/game schedule

12 yrs

13 yrs

14s & 15s yrs


March 6th $300 $315

Tournament Brackets