Refund Policy and Fine Print

Complete payment of class fee or $300 league deposit (and receipt) confirms registration and reserves placement in a KEVA program. KEVA programs are defined as (but not limited to): Leagues, classes, tournaments, camps, events, field trips, and rentals. In the event of a cancellation after placement has been reserved – a credit will remain on file for the customer for up to 365 days or an administration fee of 15% or $10 (whichever is greater) will apply toward a refund check. If the amount is $15 or less that amount will be kept in house as a credit.  There are no refunds due to illnesses or missed classes/leagues.  If you cancel with less than 14 days an in house credit will be applied (no cash refunds).Credit may be redeemed for a registration of a similar program per KEVA Sports Center’s discretion. Once expired – the credit will no longer be redeemable. Customers or teams that are removed from KEVA programs for inappropriate conduct will not receive a refund or credit. Please note: credits cannot be used for Food and Beverage or Membership Fee transactions. KEVA Sports Center reserves the right to modify, change, or update the cancellation policy without advance notice to customers. Valid membership required for all programs. Memberships are not refundable.


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