Frequently Asked Questions about a KEVA Membership

What is a Membership?
A Membership is something that all players are required to have to participate in KEVA Sports Center leagues, classes and camps.  Upon completion of a waiver and paying a membership fee, each player’s contact information and photo is entered into our system and a Membership is issued.
How do we get our photo taken?
We have made it easy for you so that you can upload your own photo when you log into your online account!  Or you can stop by the front desk at KEVA and they can assist you.  Just log into your account here and click upload photo.
What is the cost of a Membership?
The annual fee is $30 per player for an individual Membership/ $40 family (memberships include sales tax)
A family is defined as 2 or more people living in the same household (2 married adults : 1 adult & 1 child: 1 adult and +1 children).  (Child is considered 17 and younger)


Who needs a Membership?
All players and participants of any league, class, or camp including KVA.  Each player or participant will be required to have a Membership before being allowed to participate, and the Membership must be current until the program/session is over.
When do I need to have a Membership?
A Membership is required for ALL leagues, classes, camps starting with any registrations Aug 1, 2014 or later.
When does my Membership expire?
Your Membership is valid for one full year from date of issue.
How do I purchase a Membership?
Memberships can be purchased using your online account(fastest and easiest way), in person at KEVA, or over the phone. If you purchase your Membership online, you can upload your photo yourself by logging into your online account.  Having your photo on file will keep you from having to bring an ID to your game.  Players will not be allowed to play without a valid Membership.  Memberships need to be purchased BEFORE arriving at your first game, class, or camp.
I have been a loyal player for years… will you waive the Membership fee for me?
Thank you for your loyalty. The Membership fee takes the place of a portion of program price increases and is required for ALL players. When all costs are calculated throughout the year, the per-season fees combined with the membership fee actually costs loyal, multi-season players much less annually than larger company-wide program price increases would. These increases are a necessary part of product pricing models and a natural response to increasing costs/inflation. Using this pricing model rewards our loyal and consistent customers with a lower average price, which is exactly the intention of this pricing model.
Are there other benefits of having a KEVA Sports Membership?
Yes. Free Open Play, Member Only Events, discounts on birthdays, rentals, and tournaments are all included.  Discounts and specials from our sponsors will also be offered periodically.
What if a company or business pays for our league fee, or our team only plays one season per year?  Do we still need a Membership?
Yes. Every player is required to have a valid Membership.
Can I get a refund on my Membership or transfer it to someone else’s name?
There will be a no refund, no transfer policy implemented.

Thank you for your support and for choosing KEVA Sports Center!

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