Youth Soccer Leagues

Our winter indoor soccer leagues are a great way to keep your player active during the Wisconsin winters!  Sign up as a whole team or as an individual and we will place you on the KEVA free agent team and include a coach and t-shirt.   Individuals are required to pay in full.  Teams are required to put down a $300 deposit and the remaining balance is due prior to the first game.  Game schedules come out one week prior to the session starting.

KEVA will be requiring all participants/spectators over the age of 2 to wear a mask at all times inside of the building, unless you are eating or drinking. This mandate was put in place by PUBLIC HEALTH MADISON & DANE COUNTY. (KEVA is no longer providing free masks please have your mask on before entering the facility).

Registration Deadline (For discounted team fees)
Winter I Nov 5-Dec 5 Oct 2
Winter II Dec 6 – Feb 6 Nov 15
Winter III Feb 7 -April 10 Jan 15

Membership required for each player 

Click here to register online!


Winter 1
Nov 5- Dec 5
Deadline: October 2 (missed the deadline call to see if there is room)
6 games
Age  Early Bird Team Fee Post Deadline Fee
U6 $200 $250
U7/8 & U9 $350 $450
U10-HS $660 $760



Winter 2
Dec 6-Feb 6
Early Bird Deadline: Nov 13
8 Games
Age Early Bird Team Fee Post Deadline Fee
U6 $250 $280
U7/8 & U9 $650 $700
U10-HS $1,075 $1,150


Winter 3
Feb 7-April 10
Early Bird Deadline: Jan 15, 2022
8 Games
Age Early Bird Team Fee Post Deadline Fee
U6 $250 $280
U7/8 & U9 $680 $730
U10-HS $1,120 $1,195
HS Coed & Girls* $950 $1,000

*HS Girls 6 games done in March

Need a Team?
Register as a Free Agent

Register your son or daughter as a free agent.  We group these individuals together to form teams.  Price includes a team jersey.  Register with a buddy (or more!) and we’ll keep them on the same team.  Parent volunteer or KEVA coaches help lead these teams.

(missed the deadline call to see if there is room)
Winter 1 Winter 2 Winter 3
U6 $35 $35 $35
U7/8 & U9 $55 $65 $65
U10-HS $85 $95 $95


*HS Girls & HS Coed Winter 2 Free Agent Fee: $75 (Done In March)

Need a Team?
Fill out this form, we’ll connect you with a team

Still not sure what makes sense to sign up for or are new to the soccer league world? Don’t worry! Mary Willrett has you covered!
Mary has been a part of the KEVA team for many years and specializes in helping new teams navigate youth soccer sign-ups!
Call 608-662-7529 and Mary will walk you through the process step-by-step.

League Day Times Alternate Day* Typical Age (Some variation allowed) # of Players Suggested Roster Size
U6 Coed Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM Saturday 4-5 years 3v3, no goalie 6-9
U7/8 Coed Friday
Fri (430-730 PM)
Sat (8 AM – 7 PM)
Sunday 6-7 years 5v5 9-11
U9 Boys Saturday Noon – 6 PM Sunday 8 years 5v5 9-11
U9 Girls Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday 8 years 5v5 9-11
U10 Boys Saturday 8 AM – 7 PM Wednesday / Sunday 8-9 years 7v7 12-14
U11/12 Boys Sunday 9 AM – 7 PM Sat/Wed 10-11 years 7v7 12-14
U11/12 Girls Thursday / Saturday Thursday (4:30-6:30pm) Sat (8 AM – 5PM) Sunday 10-11 years 7v7 12-14
U13/14 Boys Saturday 7 AM – 6 PM Sunday / Thurs (430 – 630 PM) 12-13 years 6v6 10-12
U13/14 Girls Friday
Fri (430 – 730 PM)
Sat (7 AM – 4 PM)
Sunday 12-13 years 6v6 10-12
U16 Boys Saturday 3 PM – 11 PM Sunday 14-15 years 6v6 10-12
U16 Girls Sunday 7 AM – 10 PM Saturday 14-15 years 6v6 10-12
HS Girls Sunday 7 AM – 4 PM Saturday 14-17 years 6v6 10-12
U17/U18 Boys Saturday 12 PM – 11 PM Sunday 16-17 years 6v6 10-12


Complete the above inquiry form to submit interest in joining a Free Agent soccer team.  KEVA’s Soccer Manager will follow up promptly via e-mail with the options that best fit your son or daughter.

We would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Otherwise, register now! Can’t wait to see you on the fields this winter.

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