Youth Soccer Leagues


Registration Deadline
Early Bird Fee
    After Deadline Fee
Winter I Oct 26-Dec 20 FULL – Call for Details $500 $550
Winter II Jan 4-Feb 21 Dec 22- FULL $550 $600
Winter III Feb 22-April 11 Jan 29 $550 $600

Looking for ways for your kiddos to stay active, socialize, play the sport they love, all in a safe environment? KEVA is now offering soccer practice leagues (since we are not yet allowed to host any official games) for youth teams! During the practice time block teams can work on skills, drills, game simulations, scrimmage, condition, etc. This is a great opportunity to keep your kids active in the sport, as well as keep their previous teams together! 

  • 55 minute time slot on the indoor field
  • Each team is limited to 15 players
  • Each player needs a valid KEVA Membership
  • 2 coaches allowed
  • No Spectators


Available time slots:

  • Mondays/ Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays 5:30, 6:30
  • Saturdays 11:30am-6pm
  • Sundays 12pm-4pm

Sign up for a time slot and come in the same time every week. Don’t see a time that works for you? Email Ellen.


Click here to register online!

Winter 1
October 19th – December 18th
Deadline: October 12th
9 Practices
Age  Team Fee
U6 $500
U7/8 & U9 $500
U10-HS $500



Winter 2
Early Bird Deadline:
8 Games
First weekend of games – 
Age Early Bird Team Fee Post Deadline Fee
U7/8 & U9


Winter 3
Early Bird Deadline:
8 Games
First weekend of games – 
Age Early Bird Team Fee Post Deadline Fee
U7/8 & U9
HS Coed & Girls*

*HS Coed & Girls done by

Need a Team?
Register as a Free Agent

Register your son or daughter as a free agent.  We group these individuals together to form teams.  Price includes a team jersey.  Register with a buddy (or more!) and we’ll keep them on the same team.  Parent volunteer or KEVA coaches help lead these teams.

Winter 1 Winter 2 Winter 3
U6 $35 $35 $35
U7/8 & U9 $55 $65 $65
U10-HS $85 $95 $95


Need a Team?
Fill out this form, we’ll connect you with a team

Three Session Bundle

Register a full team for all 3 sessions by XXX and Receive:

League Day Times Alternate Day* Typical Age (Some variation allowed) # of Players Suggested Roster Size
U6 Coed Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM Saturday 4-5 years 3v3, no goalie 6-9
U7/8 Coed Friday
Fri (430-730 PM)
Sat (8 AM – 7 PM)
Sunday 6-7 years 5v5 9-11
U9 Boys Saturday Noon – 6 PM Sunday 8 years 5v5 9-11
U9 Girls Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday 8 years 5v5 9-11
U10 Boys Saturday 8 AM – 7 PM Wednesday 8-9 years 7v7 12-14
U10 Girls Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM Saturday 8-9 years 7v7 12-14
U11/12 Boys Sunday 9 AM – 7 PM Sat/Wed 10-11 years 7v7 12-14
U11/12 Girls Saturday 8 AM – 5PM Sunday 10-11 years 7v7 12-14
U13/14 Boys Thursday &
Thurs (430 – 630 PM)
Sat (7 AM – 6 PM)
Sunday 12-13 years 6v6 10-12
U13/14 Girls Friday
Fri (430 – 730 PM)
Sat (7 AM – 4 PM)
12-13 years 6v6 10-12
U16 Boys Saturday 3 PM – 11 PM Sunday 14-15 years 6v6 10-12
U18 Boys Sunday 7 AM – 10 PM Saturday 16-17 years 6v6 10-12
HS Girls Sunday 7 AM – 4 PM Saturday 14-17 years 6v6 10-12
HS Coed Saturday 2 PM – 11 PM Sunday 14-17 years 6v6 10-12

Complete the above inquiry form to submit interest in joining a Free Agent soccer team.  KEVA’s Soccer Manager will follow up promptly via e-mail with the options that best fit your son or daughter.

Greg would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Otherwise, register now! Can’t wait to see you on the fields this winter.

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